How to Meet New Neighbors

Monday, November 5, 2018

This weekend, we officially celebrated one week in our new home. Every day is feeling more and more normal, and our routines are starting to get back in place (missed you, vegetables). While our project list seems to be ever-changing/growing, we are feeling really comfortable here and more sure than ever that we made the right choice and this is home we will love for many years.

One of our favorite things about this new home has been the neighborhood. While we absolutely love being so close to our favorite walking trails, and having such an active neighborhood to explore, one of the biggest surprises we've loved has been how wonderful and welcoming our neighbors are!

Being on a small cul de sac of only 9 homes, it was important to us that we meet our neighbors and introduce ourselves. We didn't want any awkward car waves as introductions! The week before we moved in, I decided to take some action to make sure we could build a good relationship and dropped off some surprises in our neighbors' mailboxes.

It was super easy. I bought a big box of popcorn, took each packet out, and made these little print outs on (the best, free tool for making any cute flyers or social media posts!)

All I did was take some pretty washi tape, tape the little note onto the popcorn, and place it in their mailbox. We had such a great response! Everyone we passed for the rest of the week while moving in was so kind - they thanked us for the popcorn, and we had an easy conversation starter to get to know each other! Then, our sweet neighbors decided to return the favor and brought us some delicious cookies to warm our house with. 

I'm so glad we did this, because when Halloween happened last week, all of our neighbors felt comfortable ringing the doorbell with their kiddos, we had something to talk about, and had already "broken the ice." We even got an invitation to our neighbors' backyard bonfire later that night and stayed up wayyy past my bedtime getting to know each other. Three cheers for new friends! 

If you're moving soon and want some ideas for meeting your new neighbors, I love this simple one. It was inexpensive, and a great way to say hello and build a good relationship with the people you live closest to! 

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