Lennon Sibley Rubin

Friday, April 12, 2019

Today, after 3 months together, we say goodbye to the dream of your life. They told us your precious heart must have stopped beating several weeks ago. It hurts so deeply that we didn’t know. I like to think that you weren’t ready to let go of us just yet. We definitely weren’t ready to let go of you. It’s okay, we needed a little more time together. I’m thankful we had it. 

Our heart aches for the dreams we had for you. Our first cuddle. Late nights getting to know each other as a family. Your coos and cries. Christmas mornings. Boo-boos and scraped knees. We are grieving it all. The loss of the life you would have had is overwhelming.

Your name is Lennon Sibley Rubin. Lennon means love. We won’t know if you’re a boy or girl, but we love you all the same. Sibley is my middle name. You and I are always connected. You are the beginning of our family’s story. How I wish we’d had the chance to meet… I think you would have liked us.

Lennon, we loved you for every second of your sweet, too-short life and we will continue to love you for every second of ours. We had planned to tell the world about you this weekend, so we still are, just differently than we had planned. You deserve to be known.

See you later,
Mom & Dad
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