A surprise for all of us --- WE'RE MOVING!?

Thursday, July 29, 2021


We *JUST* finished our house. Like, literally just checked off the last project on my to do list (new kitchen counters) less than 2 months ago. I KNOW. 

Let me tell you what happened.... 

You guys know I'm a Realtor. I see houses and show houses all the time. RARELY, rarely, rarely have I ever seen a house that I've been like "oooo, I want this house." 

But this house. 

Since I am an incessant planner and a daydreamer, (#pisceslife) we had talked about if we felt like our current home would be our forever home, and both of us agreed there are some things we LOVE about our home that we'd never want to change, and there are some things that we reaaaaally want to change that we truly couldn't. More privacy from our neighbors, for example. We adore our cul-de-sac, but the two homes directly next to us both look over fishbowl style into our backyard, and it has always bothered us. They are wonderful people, but I don't need to see into your kitchen/bedroom/front door every time I go outside. We also would love to have more trees. And a screen porch. And laundry inside. And a dedicated work space for me that isn't in our living room. Really, we just need a bit more space. But our house is so wonderful and we love it, and we've worked SO hard on it, and we planned to be here for another 2 years *at least.* 

But this house. 

I saw it come on the market on a Tuesday, and sent it to Spenser just for eye candy purposes. Occasionally I'll drag him to come see homes with me just for fun, and we daydream about what we'd do differently or what we like/don't like, and we had looked at a few recently. Never had we seen a house that made us say "should we buy this!?" 

But this house. 

Some of the things that really stuck out to us were: 

1) The kitchen had recently been renovated and was truly jaw dropping. The owners put their heart and soul into renovating a dream kitchen, and it was unlike anything we've ever seen in our area (which tends to lean towards 2000s builder-grade-blah). We knew that a kitchen like that could not be easily replicated. I mean!!!! Look!!!!

2) On top of the kitchen, there were *two* large spaces that would be perfect offices for each of us, as we are both working from home for... forever(?) and genuinely do need a bit more space from each other to work in peace. 

3) It has a screen porch. Homes without screen porches should be illegal in NC where the mosquitos and noseeums will eat you alive in .2 seconds flat. A screen porch surrounded by trees was so dreamy to us, we immediately pictured sitting out there in a thunderstorm and listening to the rain cascade down the leaves. Swoon. 

4) It is SURROUNDED by trees. Hardwood trees. SO MANY TREES. This is a dream situation for us and we would live inside of the woods if we could. And you cannot replicate that without decade of time and great planning. This is a really special lot that backs to two neighborhood easements and is so private and quiet. 

5) It also has a separate guest bathroom -- something that has become more important as we try to encourage family to come visit more often to help with Heidi. HI MOM! Having a more secluded guest space will give everyone their privacy and be comfortable for visiting. 

We sat in the kitchen for probably 30 minutes in that first showing saying "should we buy this? no that's crazy. But should we?? Nooooo. SHOULD WE??" After coming back 3 more times, we decided that we really loved this home, and had *that feeling* that this was our next space, and that it would be the perfect forever home (hopefully) for our family. It checked off ALL of our boxes, and fulfilled dream wish lists we never in a million years thought we'd get checked off. We decided to go all in, and make the best offer we could, and much to our surprise, they accepted! 

Cue ALL of the emotions/anxiety/excitement! We had a lot of work to do to get our house ready to sell, but as Spenser said "we've been prepping to sell this home for 3 years!" 

We ended up having a private showing for a buyer from Nest Realty, they made us a wonderful offer we were so grateful for, and we accepted! We close on our homes in a little less than a month and will be moving by the end of August. 

None of this was part of our original plan, but life has a funny way of telling you "TURN HERE!" when the path is about to change. Now that the shock of the situation has worn off, we are really looking forward to moving, getting settled into our new space, and getting to put our personal touch on things. 

Our home on Greystone has been my baby for three years, and I truly put all of my heart and energy into bringing it to life. But now that Heidi is here, our priorities have really shifted and one of my FAVORITE things about the new house is that there aren't any huge projects to do! The HVAC, windows, roof, drainage, and interior are all in such great condition, there's really nothing immediate for us to do. Down the road, there are some cosmetic updates I can do to the bathrooms, but everything is in pristine condition and we are in no rush to make any changes.

I have loved documenting our renovations and family updates in this blog, so though my pace has slowed down since Heidi came along, I'm hoping to continue this hobby in our new house, as well! 


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