One Year In Our Fixer Upper

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

This year has truly flown by. Sometimes it feels like we've only been in this home for a couple months, and sometimes it feels like we've been here 10 years already (mostly when I'm annoyed a renovation is taking too long). We have officially hit one year in our wonderful fixer upper, which has truly become home for us.

We were blessed to have been able to accomplish so much in our first year -- way more than we expected to. I think we surprised ourselves with how much appetite we actually have for home renovation and DIY. We *hoped* this would be the case, but we truly love it. Our home has become our shared hobby; a shared canvas that we get the work on together to make our own. It's been something that's brought us closer together, and makes us so proud. Sometimes we stand in the driveway and look at it, all shiny and blue, and say "Can you believe we did this? Look how good it looks now!"

We have really enjoyed focusing on one project at a time, giving it all our energy and focus, and then moving on to the next. We are so excited for the things we have planned in Year 2, and are so grateful you're coming along for the ride!

I thought it would be fun to see before and afters of every single project we've undertaken in this home over the last 365 days of owning it, so here's our Year 1 Review of what we've accomplished!

Year One Project Roundup 

1. Installed hardwood floors

3. Painted our staircase 

4. Added entry storage

5. Made-over the dining room 

6. Made-over the fireplace with sticker tiles. Next year, we hope to re-do the fireplace and add built-in shelving on each side. 

7. Patched a wall to fill in the "baby jail." It really brought our house out of the 80s!

8. Painted the exterior & installed new gutters

9. Removed shrubs and re-landscaped

11. Installed new carpet, fans, and made over the guest room

13. Painted tile floor. It's holding up SO well! I am planning to repeat this upstairs because it looks so great in this room. 

14. Removed and re-installed a slate patio DIY (Never. Again.) Post coming soon! 

This year has truly been a labor of love for us in so many ways. We've poured all of our extra time, money, and energy into making this house *our* home, and bringing it up to it's full potential. We absolutely love this neighborhood, love our neighbors, love the location, and love this home. We see ourselves here for a good long while, and are loving making this home "ours" early on, so that we can enjoy it for many years to come. We've had more time than we had hoped to give this home our undivided attention before have kiddos, so we are taking advantage of that and just plowing through our to do list one thing at a time!

At the end of the day we are so thankful to have been able to do as much to this home as we were, and are excited for the projects we have remaining. I'll be sharing our Year 2 "hope to" list as soon as we are able to get our priorities in line, and of course keep you posted along the way. As always, thank you for reading! 

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