Monday, May 6, 2019

In light of everything I've gone through over the past month, I have been feeling really called to tweak the purpose of this blog from just home decor, DIY, renovation content, to giving me a space to share more family updates. I have been feeling deeply called to continue writing and sharing about pregnancy and miscarriage, and felt I needed a better space to accommodate that. 

I'll still be sharing mostly home updates, because LAWD KNOWS we still have a mile long to do list in our home, but I wanted to provide space for some family updates too -- not just home renovations.

So, I've done a little remix/rebrand and changed the blog name to Ring Around The Rubins. Some of you may remember this as our wedding hashtag, and well, it just works! I'll be hoping to share some more family focused content, not just DIY, home reno type stuff along the way. So, welcome. 💕

If you click here or on the family tab at the top of this page, I have also shared our miscarriage story. I didn't want to share this on my facebook broadly, because I didn't want it to be triggering or upsetting for anyone who doesn't want to read it. But if you'd like to read about my experience, I've spent the last three weeks working through my thoughts to get them to a place where they felt right to share. I pray they are helpful to you in some way.

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